Harmful causes – enemy of natural stone

Natural ashlar facing stone – a material used in the construction both inside and outside the country. Because of superior properties and the unique advantages, the natural stone products are favored and applied widely not only in the massive architecture, buildings, cottages, resorts … but also in cozy atmospheres such as yard, garden, stairs, kitchens.

Natural stone application in the resorts

Natural stone for paving the yard showing the beauty of house

Despite the many advantages of natural paving stones, there are some unavoidable causes affecting quality as well as its beauty. They always believe that rock products is long-lasting like an idiom “as solid as a rock” but they also have the saying “Constant dripping wears away stone”. For the literal meaning, we can understand that if the flow of water affects the rocks for a long time, it will be abrasive. That means natural ashlar facing stones harmed from external factors is unavoidable. Especially for limestone, when it is affected from carbon dioxide and sulfur, it is corrosion and  it can be scabrous, rough, or making sawdust, causing dark surface. Besides, the effects of human-induced scratch the surface is also great cause damage to natural stone. Additionally, the natural affects such as the sunshine is the enemy of natural stone because it can be discoloured or faded by oxidation.

Therefore, to have the best maintenance methods, we need to understand the causes, harmful agents in order to apply the best ways in maintenance and preservation, and bring a flawless beauty from stone products in general and space using rock in particular

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