Beautiful floor with Thanh Hoa paving stone

In the interior design, all the details and categories are highly attended by the architecture. They often deep concern  about every part of the house. One of the important part is floor. The design of beautiful floor is one of important aspects as a artist find out the highlight of his pain.  The floor is

Thanh Hoa natural stone – Flawless beauty for works

Nowadays, one of the products favored and applied for all most domestic and foreign works is  natural paving stone. A product of nature contains exquisite luxury beauty, classical and modern style. However, It also have high feature and closeness of the nature that no one can be alternative. With the abundant products from the colors,

Harmful causes – enemy of natural stone

Natural ashlar facing stone – a material used in the construction both inside and outside the country. Because of superior properties and the unique advantages, the natural stone products are favored and applied widely not only in the massive architecture, buildings, cottages, resorts … but also in cozy atmospheres such as yard, garden, stairs, kitchens.

Natural blue stone ” charming, spellbound and elegant”

Contemplating and viewing outstanding and attractive construction works, you will be curious that what make the beauty? It is Vietnam natural paving stone. The natural paving stone is one of important part combined with other factors in order to create the flawless beauty in all the construction works. The color, shape and design of the

Thanh Hoa area – blue stone paradise

Welcome to Thanh Hoa, You will have chance to scrutinize the blue stone with the various dimension and design . Blue stone – Viet nam natural stone source which is granted by nature have  the special features such as high durability,  the good ability to against abrasion. Blue stone also have ability to against the