About us

Tan Thanh 2 Co., Ltd is a family run bussiness being established since 1990, in thanh Hoa- the hometown of Vietnam natural stone. The company was established official in 2008 with head official in Thanh Hoa City. Tan Thanh 2 stone is one of the most companies that specializes in supplying Vietnamese natural stone. With premium products manufactured in our quarry. Tan Thanh 2 stone has earned long-term and trustworthy position in the Supplier List of many clients domestically and internationally, been highly appreciated in product-and- service quality as well as punctual delivery.


Tan Thanh 2 stone commits to delivery qualified export-standard and environmental-protection products to all clients. By choosing Tan Thanh 2 stone, our clients will be fully satisfied with premium products, professional services, appropriate price and punctual delivery. Tan Thanh 2 stone foucuses in exploiting and manufacturing to supply various products such as Vietnam Bluestone (Paving; Palisades; Steps, Wall; Swiming pool; Border… Cut to size in Polish, Tumble, Gothic/Antic; Bush hammer, Scrape, Sand, Hone); Vietnam Basalt;

Tan Thanh 2 was established by a group of enthusiatic people who possess over-ten-year experience in devoloping and processing domestic and overseas natural stones. Tan Thanh 2 stone combines the achieved experience with finding and developing new quarries in order to bring more various and attractive choice to clients in approaching and using natural stone products. Tan Thanh 2 stone is finding the good quarries in terms of devoloping and processing natural stone.

Tan Thanh 2 produces and exports a wide range of natural stone products to suit present day market trends. Our natural stone products have been distribute to domestic Viet Nam market, countris of Europe, Canada, India, UAE,… For a suitainable devolopment, Tan Thanh 2 engages in quality and delivery. In that purpose, we do appreciate further cooperate with you. With experience and skill staff in addition professional services, Tan Thanh 2 stone commits a better life for all clients